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Huntley Hill Climb

  • 26/06/2022
  • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Huntley Hill Climb


Information from WSCC Facebook page:

Regular competitors entry is as per usual $120
A day for people who have never competed before but always wanted to
Come’N’Try competitors entry is $75 which includes a 1 day Motorsport Australia licence, free membership to WSCC until Dec31st and your entry fee. 
Some basic info for Come n try people:
Clothing requirements- covered in shoes (work boots, driving shoes etc),,, coverings from ankle to wrist (jeans and jumper is fine) must be non synthetic,,, a decent helmet (preferably not one that looks like it’s been in your car boot for 7years).
Vehicle requirements:
You MUST bring current rego papers + your current licence and the vehicle MUST be in a roadworthy condition ( let’s pretend it’s going for a pink slip), all loose items must be removed from inside the car and boot.
Numbers can be on the rear door windows with tape that’s fine and a tape triangle where your battery is located also. 
Arrival times:
7:30 onwards is good as all paper work and vehicle scrutineering must be done before drivers briefing which is around 9:30am.
Also if bringing children I’d advise you to setup on the northern side of the pits where the spectators are as no children under 14 in the pits.
Entry forms and sup regs will be available at in the “downloads” section in the next few days

Southern Sporting Car Club Inc.
PO Box 598, Sutherland NSW 1499