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Our History

The early 1950s saw an enormous growth in interest in motorsport in Australia. 1953 was the era of the Redex Around Australia Trials, which captured the attention of many Australians. 1953 also witnessed the inauguration of CAMS (the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport), as the controlling body of motorsport in Australia, as well as the first Albert Park Grand Prix.

Many people enthused about competing in these high profile events, matching their driving skill against their fellow competitors, but for the majority a lack of funds brought them back to reality. So why not organise your own events, where you can use your road car to compete against your mates, maybe a club for grass roots driving enthusiasts?

In 1954 a group of such enthusiasts from Sydney’s southern suburbs got together and formed the Southern Sporting Car Club. In the early days, trials, many within 100 miles of Sydney, along with social get togethers were the main events organised by the club.

In 1955 the club joined CAMS, and has been an affiliated member club ever since.

As time progressed, the use of a disused bitumen airstrip at Marsden Park was obtained for Gymkhanas, later to be known as Motorkhanas. The club’s first speed events, standing and flying quarter mile sprints, were also held here. Through the ‘50s and ‘60s trials and motorkhanas had been the main events run by the club. However, by the end of the ‘60s through the early ‘70s trials were becoming harder to organise on public roads. Around the Sydney area, however, five race circuits had been created: Amaroo Park, Catalina Park, Oran Park, Warwick Farm and Bathurst, as well as hillclimbs at Amaroo Park, Lithgow, Dapto and Silverdale. So it was not surprising that around this time the club’s sporting emphasis moved from trials (rallies) to circuit speed events and hillclimbs.

As the club progresses beyond 60 years of Club Motorsport involvement, it can boast many members who have gone on to national motorsporting success, like Leo and Pete Geoghegan, John Leffler and Fred Gibson. It can also boast many more members who have enjoyed the entry level motorsport and friendly atmosphere, that Southern Sporting Car Club was and is able to offer.

Southern Sporting Car Club Inc. is a not-for-profit, Incorporated Association (Registered in NSW - No. Y1298804)

ABN: 69 549 603 268

General Member Meetings are held on the first Tuesday* of every month at Club Menai (February - December).
* except for November when we meet on the first Wednesday.

Your 2024/2025 Committee

 PresidentJohn Walker
 Vice PresidentDavid Livian
 TreasurerGavin Crank
 SecretarySamantha Curry
 General Dennis Walker
 GeneralBrad Bassett
 GeneralMichael Degnan

Warren Degnan 

GeneralGreg Boyle

We are proudly affiliated with:

Council of Motor Clubs

Southern Sporting Car Club Inc.
PO Box 598, Sutherland NSW 1499